OneBeacon stands by our promise to provide our distribution partners and policyholders with superior claim service. From the initial loss report to claim resolution, our highly dedicated, experienced claim professionals will guide you every step of the way.

Our team is committed to making contact with our policyholders within one business day of receiving your claim. Our mission is not complete until we have provided a timely, fair and ethical resolution based on your policy’s terms.

Call: 877.248.3455 to check on the status of an existing claim or to speak to a OneBeacon Claims representative.

Business Segments:

A.W.G. Dewar

Phone: 617.774.1555

International Marine Underwriters

Joe Gallagher
Phone: 678.255.7606

OneBeacon Accident Group

Larry Wagner
Phone: 303.531.3806

OneBeacon Design Professionals

Jeffrey Neidle
Phone: 860.321.2914

OneBeacon Entertainment

Steven Baltzell
Phone: 781.332.8005

OneBeacon Excess & Surplus Lines

Kathryn Lindley
Phone: 952.852.2476

OneBeacon Financial Services

Daniel Ryan
Phone: 952.852.0479

OneBeacon Government Risks

Aaron Stone
Phone: 952.852.0829

OneBeacon Healthcare - Managed Care

Virginia Troy
Phone: 860.321.2901

OneBeacon Healthcare - Medical Excess

Doug Bloomquist
Phone: 860.321.2903

OneBeacon Healthcare - Medical Professional

Thomas Ruane
Phone: 860.321.2902

OneBeacon Management Liability

Kerry Evensen
Phone: 952.852.2461

OneBeacon Professional Liability

Annamarie Haught
Phone: 860.321.2753

OneBeacon Program Group

Bryan Wakefield
Phone: 303.531.3873

OneBeacon Specialty Property

John Murphy
Phone: 781.332.7029

OneBeacon Surety Group

Kathryn Lindley
Phone: 952.852.2476

OneBeacon Technology Insurance

Dana Lenahan
Phone: 952.852.0481

OneBeacon Technology Insurance - Media Liability

Blake Keating
Phone: 919.361.1302

Property and Casualty:

Workers Compensation

Cindy Van Eyll
Phone: 952.852.0828

Forms and Resources
If you are a workers compensation producer or policyholder, please visit our dedicated websites to access resources and forms specific to the following industry groups:

Preferred Provider Organizations
We utilize the Coventry PPO in all states except KY, LA, NJ, NY and TX.

  • To look up providers, please visit:
  • Select “Client Login & Tools” in the top right center of the homepage. Type the Client ID of BEA and select the arrow to the right of the field. Select channeling tools which will display The First Health Network. To select providers by name, select the Name Search Option. The region search allows you to search for providers by geographic regions such as city, county, zip code, etc.
  • The requirements for CA employers effective 7/01/14 can be found in the publication: OneBeacon-Coventry CA MPN information.
  • The MPN provides MPN Medical Access Assistants within the United States who are available Monday – Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time to provide employee assistance with access to medical care under the MPN.
MAA Contact

Phone: 1.888.937.1663
Fax: 1.866.819.8201

MPN Contact

Janet Mars
Phone: 781.332.8454


Rick Chilingarian
Phone: 303.531.3851

Information Gathering


John Murphy
Phone: 781.332.7029


Jeffrey Commisso
Phone: 952.852.2489


Sean Duffy

Chief Claims Officer
Phone: 952.852.2469

Lynda Fossing

VP Claims Operations & IT
Phone: 952.852.6738

Howard Tripolsky

SVP Specialty Claims
Phone: 860.321.2900

Special Investigations Unit:

Boris Shekhtman

SIU Director
Phone: 781.332.9517

If you suspect fraudulent activity related to a claim against a company within the OneBeacon Insurance Group, call this number to report it safely and anonymously.

Fraud Tip Line: 877.248.6182

To Report a Claim:

laptop iconOnline:

Instructions for online reporting



Exclusions noted below:

Dewar: visit website

International Marine Underwriters:
visit website

OneBeacon Accident Group:
visit website

OneBeacon Entertainment (except workers compensation claims): visit website

OneBeacon Design Professionals; Financial Services; Healthcare; Management Liability; Professional Liability; Media Liability: visit website

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Call our 24-hour claim service center: 877.248.3455

  • Roadside assistance
  • Auto glass replacement or repair
  • Questions about an existing claim
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Email us at:

Non-workers compensation - 866.213.2802

Workers compensation - 800.224.4416

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