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Autonomous Vehicles: Why Drive When the Vehicle Drives You

July 6, 2020

The idea of being effortlessly chauffeured by self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles (AV), has been a dream of futurists for several decades. They envision a time where we will simply input our destination and be safely driven there while we do work, relax, watch a movie, or even take a nap. Commercially, trucks will self-drive in platoon formations 24 hours a day transporting goods from one part of the country to another.

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Are your Employees Ergonomically Prepared to Work from Home?

June 16, 2020

OneBeacon Financial Services' President Craig Collins recently published an article about the importance of employees being ergonomic while working from home. In this article, he provides tips and insights on how to work comfortably and safely at home. He also addresses some risks if not taking the proper precautions.

Read full article written by Financial Services' Craig Collins on page 12 of South Dakota Banker.

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