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Music publishers, composers, arrangers, lyricists, recording companies and performing/recording artists need a broad and comprehensive liability policy that addresses traditional music exposures while anticipating those that are emerging with new technology. Musical artists, publishers and distributors must manage immense pressure to meet their consumers’ demands for music distributed through diverse and convenient delivery systems and venues. The integration of music and video technology and advertising has resulted in litigation that has outpaced legal precedent. Intellectual property claims are significant risks in the music industry. Increasingly, musical artists leverage their immense popularity through other media endeavors – movies, public appearances, advertising, producing and managing the careers of young artists. For these complex exposures, nobody offers sound coverage like we do. The Music Professional Liability Policy, backed by an experienced team of professionals, appropriately insures creative expression and correspondingly secures the bottom line.


To meet the clients’ varying needs, we offer a wide range of product solutions. Highlights include:

  • Worldwide claims-made coverage capabilities, defense costs within the limits of liability
  • $5 million available capacity
  • Primary and follow-form excess capabilities
  • Coverage is available on a non-admitted basis in all states except Tennessee

In addition, we offer a range of options to complement your base coverage:

  • Professional services liability, providing coverage for scheduled ancillary professional services of the insured for others
  • Merchandising, providing coverage for the use or licensing, and related promotion, by the insured of property rights relating to and arising from the sale of goods or services relating to the insured’s work.
  • Personal appearance, providing coverage for live personal appearances and performances by the insured
  • Music library, providing coverage for all of the insured’s music works


We are a market for music risks with revenue or budget of $750 million and under. Eligible risks include music publishers, recording companies, music artists, composers, songwriters, and distributors.

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